Experience charity projects around the world like never before

You want to know where your money goes when you make a donation?
In Virtual Village you can decide which charitable purposes you want to support and see how your donation helps change the world, as if you were there. We virtually transport you into the location where educational, medical, environmental, health, aids, women’s, clean water and other world charities work and you can interact with the 360-degree video content to explore different locations and make donations in the matching environment.

You don’t know which charity to support because there are just so many?
Our charity app gives you a great overview over aid work all around the world and enables you to quickly find the right charity project for you. If you want to make a donation to small non-profit charities in London or if you want to support international charities in the world poorest countries, if you want to stop hunger, protect the planet, provide clean energy, quality education or gender equality – in Virtual Village you will find the best charities for you to make the world a better place.

You’re afraid of being asked for more money after your donation?
Virtual Village revolutionises the charity sector and gives you the freedom to donate when and how much you want without any pressure – as it should be. We will keep you informed about new locations and donation opportunities in a non-intrusive way and never annoy you with unexpected calls. Virtual Village is designed to make donating naturally more attractive through transparency, immersion and gamification – you earn points which you can use to unlock new features in our immersive charity game with each donation.

Virtual Village makes donating to charity an exciting experience

Experience your Impact

See how your donations change the life of beneficiaries for the better

Transparency of costs

Find out how much money is really needed to realise different projects

Easy decision making

Choose the charities and projects you want to support in the matching environment

Learn something new

Interact with villagers to hear their stories and explore their culture

Be part of the new way of donating

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